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Send your Konectible share link into your Twitter or other social networks for your followers. When a new user signs up and joins your team, each new user and you will get 100 and 200 reward points separately. Every time you reach 10 teammates you can claim extra 5000 reward points by jointing Konectible telegram and send your userID. More reward points to earn, more higher ranking to have. Action now for free!

With earnest regards to the  Lunar New Year, it is with great excitement that Konectible Platform hereby brings celebratory news for all premium members.

Each of the first 10,000 Konectible premium members is eligible to obtain a Konectible Mansion NFTs, each with an initial value of 0.05ETH, resellable on the OpenSea.io marketplace platform.   

Starting March 1st, 2022, 100 completed Konectible Mansion NFTs will be distributed daily on a First-Join-First-Reward basis, where the mansion NFT distribution rate will gradually slope up and expectedly increase week by week.  

Share this great news with your friends, family and beyond to join the Konectible premium membership and grow the Konectible Community!

We will continue to add more benefits to Konectible premium membership and you will only need to pay a one-time $100 fee to upgrade.

What is VMC Token

VMC token is community owned ERC20 token underlying Vmart Technology Inc’s Konectible mobile app platform. With 20 billion in total supply, early adopters could purchase as low as $0.00025 from special offer. Konectible mobile app allows anyone becomes content creator to charge Konectible points paid by fans for personalized video, direct message, private chat and 1to1 call in from fans club live streaming. VMart tokens and Konectible points are interchangeable and VMart tokens can be traded in decentralized crypto exchange QuickSwap.



Post your creative work and get social with fans


Mint and sell NFT-authenticated content in-app


Sponsor and follow creators and content


Book private chats, videos, and gift messages with creators

Fan Clubs

Members-only Fan Clubs for creators, with exclusive perks


NFT showcase to exhibit your NFT-authenticated collectibles


Grow your following with in-app advertising


Customized feed from the Konectible universe to discover new artists and creators


Free rewards for sign-up, check-ins, inviting friends


Freedom from payment gateways

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